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30-hole and Fred Perry

by Digitalis Purpurea

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30-hole and Fred Perry released through "Danse Macabre Records" is the third album of the Italian Electro Industrial one-man project Digitalis Purpurea. It was released on April 24, 2012 with a worldwide distribution.

“30-hole and Fred Perry” is the third chapter of DIGITALIS PURPUREA’s “mouth trilogy”.
The two previous excerpts are the full-length albums Aseptic White and Emotional Decompression Chamber.
The controversial content of the record is irreverent, ugly and provocative. “Bubblegum-Pop” artworks, explicit sexuality and the ostensible superficiality of lyrics and contents are intentionally flaunted with satire and irony.
Although maintaining the cinematic feature of the previous works now atmospheres tune into a less noble mood.
To frame these intentions the artwork is inspired by Terry Richardson crude pictures and Barbara Kruger subversive slogans.
The texts are influenced by Charles Bukowski and the following quote could be the album’ slogan: "Hospitals and jails and whores; these are the universities of life. I´ve got several degrees. Call me Mr."
The title track "30-hole and Fred Perry" is the first single extracted that will lead the promotional propaganda. The track has been produced in collaboration with the famous American sound-tech Ted Jensen.